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Diana Wallace

Hello everyone! My name is Diana Wallace but I go by Diane.

In 2007, I started my HR career in the FBI call center answering various employee concerns. A year later, I transferred into the retirement unit and started answering questions about retirement, TSP, divorce, deposit, redeposit, and Post-56 military buybacks. Two years later, I began to calculate estimates on: deposit, redeposit, Post-56 military buybacks and retirement estimates. Three years into my retirement counseling career I became the Project Manager for the retirement conferences and the FBI virtual retirement conferences. The retirement conferences would range anywhere from 50 to 460 people with spouses and/or other family members. I have helped thousands of support, LEO’s, and SES’s retire from the federal government. It was an honor and a privilege to have worked at the FBI, TSA, and The Executive Office of The President. I have met so many wonderful people and still remain in close contact with a lot of them today.